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10 years guarantee for all racktime carriers

All racktime carriers are manufactured of a particularly strong light metal allow, and are tested according to ISO 11243:2016 – and beyond. Therefore we are happy to give you ten years guarantee on all our standard racktime carriers and BASKIT EDGE plastic baskets. Please provide proof of purchase if you want to claim guarantee.

In case you have any reclamation please contact your dealer at your point of purchase. The dealer will process reclamations and will contact our customer service.

Warranty Conditions

  Warranty Conditions (PDF)

rack around the world!

racktime is at home wherever you are. That means: Any racktime product or spare part is available or can be ordered with your bicycle dealer. Outside Germany, please contact our distributor in your country. Thank you for understanding that we do not sell directly to end consumers.


Diggari Pty Ltd
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Juncker Bike Parts
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COMET Distribuciones Comerciales, S.L.U.
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Tel: +34 943 33 13 93

Hong Kong

Flying Ball Bicycle Co. Ltd. 
Unit G58, G/F, Lai Sun Commercial Centre
680 Cheung Sha Wan Road
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Tel: (852) 2381 3661 / 2381 5919 / 2391 6006


Bali Mountainbike & Adventure Sports Co. 
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Juncker Bike Parts
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REED Cycles Sdn. Bhd.
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Mobil: +6 (019) 998 7333

The Netherlands

Juncker Bike Parts
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KTM Fahrrad GmbH            
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Phone: +43 7742 4091 43 

Thalinger Lange GmbH
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Bike Tech SL
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Vartex AB
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Tel: +46 340-64 60 00
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Velok AG 
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Komenda AG Zweirad-Vertrieb
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Fall Factor 
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Vic Sports Afers, S.L
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COMET Distribuciones Comerciales, S.L.U.
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K-Trade International Co.,Ltd.
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SXL Trading Co., Ltd.
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Czech Republic and Slovakia

AZUB BIKE s.r.o.
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Tel: +42 (0)774 298 229


3 Novhorodskastr. 
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Ostorhegy u. 4
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Tel: +36 1 400 6065


J & B Importers, INC
11925 SW 128th St.
Miami, FL 33186

Tel.: (305) 238-1866




You would like to become a racktime supplier? Then we are delighted to provide you with some information below.

Supplier self-disclosure

Please fill in our online form first. We will contact you as soon as possible after receipt.
You can find the online form here: Supplier self-declaration

CODE OF CONDUCT for suppliers

  Code of Conduct (PDF)

Goods acceptance times

Virnkamp 24, 48157 Münster:
Receipt and dispatch of goods
Monday – Thursday: 07:30 – 15:00
Friday: 07:30 – 12:30
External warehouse:
MP Warehouse GmbH
Siemensstraße 26
48488 Emsbüren
Opening hours: 07:00 – 19:00
Loading times: 07:00 – 17:00

We ask all suppliers and collectors to adhere to the times and specifications mentioned, thank you.



We are always happy to hear from you!

But have you already checked our FAQs to see if your question has not been answered already? We were already able to respond to many inquiries directly there. And if you are looking for an assembly instruction, you will find it here.


I have a bike | e-bike without luggage carrier, which racktime carrier fits?

Basically, our carriers can be attached to all bicycles without a suspended rear wheel, which have a hole/eyelet with or without thread of 5 or 6 mm on each side at the dropout above the rear axle. In addition, there should be eyelets at the top of the seat stays (see question 3).

The exact dimensions of our carriers can be found in the “technical drawing” directly on the product description page here on our homepage. This information provides conclusions about the structural requirements of the frame. If you are unsure, please contact your local dealer.

The prerequisite for the installation of a luggage carrier on an e-bike is the basic approval of the manufacturer for the bike itself and the luggage carrier. In case of any doubt, please ask your dealer.

My bike has a racktime carrier. Can I replace it with a different racktime carrier?

Not in every case, as we produce a large number of special models in addition to our standard range. These are specially adapted to the respective bike and may differ from our standard carriers in their dimensions and installation requirements. The replacement of such a support must therefore be treated as a new assembly (see question 1).   

My bike doesn't have any eyelets. Can I mount a racktime rear carrier anyway?

If your bike does not have any eyelets at the top on the seat stays, you can install our carriers there with the quick-release adapter sets (art. no. 71614 – 71624 depending on the diameter of the seat stay).

The IMM (Integrated Mudguard Mounting) versions of several of our luggage carriers may also be an option. These are mounted to the seat stay bridge by means of a rail that runs underneath the mudguard.

Eyelets are absolutely necessary for bottom fastening.

Which dimensions are important to choose the right carrier for my bike?

1. The installation width at the lower position (outer dimension of the dropouts).
2. The height from the bottom position to above the tyre or mudguard.
3. The width of the tyre or mudguard.

On our website, you will find a link for each luggage carrier to a “technical drawing” where the corresponding dimensions can be found.

Can I bend the round mounting stays myself?

The mounting stays can be bent to a maximum angle of 45°. You must make sure that the bend is at least 20 mm away from the flattened end of the strut. The easiest way to bend the mounting stays is in a vice. However, you must place a piece of leather, wood or a similar material underneath so that the stays don't get scratched. The free end can be bent to the required position using a tube.

TIP: In the case of a carrier with two mounting stays, both stays should be bent together to ensure exactly the same bend is created.

Can I shorten the mounting stays myself?

Yes, that is not a problem. Simply take a sharp metal saw and shorten the round mounting stays at the desired point (with 1 cm protrusion). We recommend deburring the sawing point afterwards, sealing it with black paint and attaching the supplied end caps (Art. 71008).

I have a full suspension mountain bike. Can I mount a racktime carrier?

Yes, the racktime Clipit (Art.08010), which is attached to the seat post, is suitable for this.

Optional side supports (Art. 08019) also make it possible to transport panniers attached on the sides.

The racktime Clipit (Art.08010) is not approved for mounting on carbon fibre supports.

Which racktime carrier is suitable for bikes with disk brakes?

No specific luggage carrier is generally required for bikes with disk brakes. However, there are bicycles on which the position of the brake callipers does not allow easy mounting. In such cases there is usually a possibility of using spacer sleeves. Please ask your specialist dealer for advice.

I have lost a part that I need to mount my carrier. Where can I get a new one?

On the assembly instructions for our products you will find all individual parts with article numbers. If one of these parts should ever get lost, your specialist dealer can re-order almost any of these parts from us individually or as a set.

Am I allowed to attach a child seat on a racktime luggage carrier?

No. Please do not attach a child seat to your racktime carrier! Our carriers are very resistant to bending and other loads that occur during riding. However, if add-on parts (such as child seats) are fastened by means of crimp clamps, this can lead to breaks on the carrier, because racktime carriers are made of a thin-walled tube. Damage of this kind is not covered by the guarantee.

Please note the following: A child seat that is attached to one of our luggage carriers by means of crimp connectors and the carrying of a person on a luggage carrier in this way invalidates your guarantee coverage and, more importantly, poses a danger to the life and limb of the child or person using it!

The international test standard for bicycle carriers, ISO11243, automatically defines carriers with a permissible load of 27 kg or more as suitable for attaching a child seat. For this reason, we specify a maximum load capacity of 25 kg for racktime carriers, even if a carrier would technically be suitable for higher loads.

For safety reasons, we do not offer a child seat adapter for the racktime Snapit system.


How can I find the right Clampit spring clamp for the carrier?

Measure the tube diameter of your loading platform and the inside dimension as described in the picture. Use these dimensions to find the suitable spring clamp.

a: loading platform inside dimension
Ø: tube diameter

I have mounted the Clampit spring clamp and would like to use a bag or basket at the same time. Is that possible?

Yes! The overall height of the Snapit system allows an installed spring clamp to remain on the carrier while using a basket or bag.

Can I also use the Snapit adapter on other luggage carriers?

Yes! With our SNAPIT 2.0 CONNECT (ART. 37001), the SNAPIT 2.0 accessories can also be used on luggage carriers from other manufacturers. The requirements for the existing luggage carrier: round tubes 8-18 mm, platform width 60-150 mm.

Is the Snapit adapter also available individually?

Yes! The Snapit adapter can be screwed under almost any container – provided that the base plate is stable enough! For example, you can use an existing suitable box on your racktime carrier.


On my Snapit adapter the latch / a pin has broken off. Where can I get a replacement?

If a bicycle with an attached basket falls over, large lever forces can act on the attachment. Therefore, it is better that cheap plastic parts break rather than that the luggage rack is damaged. All parts of the Snapit adapter can be reordered from your dealer.

I would like to buy a racktime basket or bag for my racktime carrier. Do I have to order the Snapit adapter individually as well?

No! Every racktime basket and every racktime bag that is suitable for transport on the loading surface of the carrier comes with a pre-installed Snapit adapter as standard.
racktime bags, which are suitable for hanging on the side of the carrier, have the racktime hook system pre-installed. You can also use such bags on other luggage carriers.

I would like to use a trunk bag or basket and hang a side bag on as well. Is that possible?

Most side bags have hook systems which, if hooked onto the top of the loading surface, would collide with the Snapit adapter.
In our range you will find touring carriers, which offer a second, lower railing for hanging bags. This not only gives you a better ride (because the centre of gravity of the bags is lower), but also allows you to use the bags and basket simultaneously.

Is there an adapter for mounting a carrier on a quick-release axle.

Yes! With our THRU AXLE ADAPTER (ART. 71700), our carriers can also be mounted on bicycles without mounts at the dropout.
If the carrier is not high enough, our foot extension sets (ART. 70024, 71500 and 71600) can help.

My racktime carrier is equipped with an integrated “Shine Evo” LED tail light. Are spare parts available for it?

Yes. Please note the different versions, narrow / wide and with / without stand light. “AC” or “DC” is stamped on the bottom of the light unit.

Light units:
Art. 13601, wide (124 mm), with stand light, dynamo operation (AC) (alternating current)
Art. 13614, narrow (94 mm), with stand light, dynamo operation (AC)
Art. 13622, wide (124 mm), without stand light, e-bike battery operation (DC)
Art. 13635, narrow (94 mm), without stand light, e-bike battery operation (DC)

Connecting pin:
Art. 13508, left pin
Art. 13509, right pin


Which dealer in my area has racktime accessories?

Since most specialist dealers do not receive racktime accessories directly, but via wholesalers, we unfortunately do not have a list of dealers.

Can the SNAPIT / SNAPIT 2.0 accessories be secured against theft on the carrier?

Yes! There are possibilities to retrofit a lock. With the SNAPIT adapter, the SECUREIT mortise lock (ART. 17009) is required. If SNAPIT 2.0 accessories are used, the existing adapter can be exchanged for a version with an integrated lock (ART. 27021 or 27022). Alternatively, the lock for the SNAPIT 2.0 adapter can be ordered separately from us (ART. 31112).

The lock variants SNAPIT and SNAPIT 2.0 are not compatible with each other.

Care and maintenance

Why is there abrasion on my carrier from my panniers?

The fastening parts of bicycle bags are usually made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, which acts like sandpaper when in motion. 
If there is no protection between these plastic parts and the luggage carrier, considerable abrasion will inevitably occur.

How can I prevent raw spots on my luggage carrier caused by the panniers rubbing against it?

Since abrasion can always occur during travel despite our usage of highly resistant powder coatings (see care and maintenance answer 01), we recommend that you protect your luggage carrier with our abrasion protection set (Art. 79006) or protection foil set (Art 79005).

In addition, please always make sure that your bags sit tightly. The inner diameter of the bag hooks must be adjusted in line with the tube diameter of our carriers (if necessary using adapter parts that should be provided with the bag). The lower hook should also rest as firmly as possible on the tube.

How do I treat raw spots on the carrier?

If there are already spots that have been rubbed bare, you can simply sand them back with fine sandpaper where necessary and then paint over them with a commercially available touch-up stick (automotive accessory; black: RAL 9005 matt / silver: RAL 9006 matt).
Please note that bare spots are not a reason for complaint.

My racktime basket is rusty. Should that be happening?

Many racktime bike baskets consist of a thin steel wire with a flexible plastic coating. If the coating is damaged during use, rust will inevitably form. Use spray paint or spray wax, for example, to stop the rust from progressing.


Can I order directly from you as a retail customer? Is there an online shop?

No. We do not offer direct sales for retail customers?

I live abroad. Where can I buy racktime products?

Outside Germany please contact our international sales partners.

On my bike there is a racktime carrier installed which is not similar to the one offered here on the website. Where can I get a replacement?

It is probably a special model. These can only be obtained directly from the bike manufacturer (OEM).

And if there is something to complain about?

With proof of purchase we grant you a 10-year warranty on all our system carriers. For racktime bags, baskets and integration tail lights, the warranty period is two years from the date of purchase.

In case of a complaint, please contact the dealer where you purchased our product. He will take care of complaint handling and will contact our customer service for you.

How can I find a dealer for racktime bags?

You can use our dealer search to quickly and easily find a dealer in your area. The listed dealers carry a particularly large selection of racktime bags. Please note that any dealer not listed may also have racktime bags in their range or can order them for you on request.