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racktime is a brand of tubus carrier systems GmbH. That means: We will continue to live up to our reputation. As market leaders. As innovative force. As pioneers when it comes to making really good carriers: system carriers. Therefore our motto for all products and for our way of working and cooperating with each other: We want to be good. We want to make things better.
How we work


Everything in sight, everything on hand – the TOPIT has been given a facelift, and is now available as an Evo variant. The revised design of the carrier enables improved headlamp mounting and the concealment of the light cabling. Naturally, the front carrier is also Snapit-compatible and enables the safe and easy attachment of racktime accessories.
















Our system carriers


Going to the kindergarten, the supermarket, to work. To the markets, on holiday, to the countryside. Suitable for everyday, but not ordinary. The smart transport solutions by racktime make your bicycle suitable for your life, for every single day and every route. Our quality expectations for our products are just as high as your daily demands: Bring along whatever you want to have fun!

Worldwide Distribution

racktime products are travelling on all continents and are therefore available all over the world. At least where you can bike, we admit, the Antarctica is a pretty much white spot on our map. And to ensure that it remains as that we have strongly committed ourselves to protecting the environment.
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