Fast Release Adapter

Quickly mount and dismount, then simply ride off

The FAST RELEASE ADAPTER allows you to mount and dismount tubus and racktime carriers with a foot plate in seconds. The adapter is the ideal solution for all those who only need a luggage carrier from time to time and want to mount or dismount it without much time expenditure. A combination with the tubus thru axle adapter (ART. 71700) is possible.

Available from May 2024

  • Weight:ca. 230 g
  • Max. Load:25 kg


  • 71800

The following carriers are compatible with FAST RELEASE ADAPTER:

STANDIT ECO 2.0 | Art. 090120-001
STANDIT TOUR ECO 2.0 | Art. 090125-001
BOOSTIT 2.0 | Art. 090718-001
BOOSTIT 2.0 TOUR | Art. 090720-001
STANDIT 2.0 | Art. 091110-001, Art. 091210-001, Art. 091225-001
STANDIT 2.0 TOUR | Art. 091215-001
LIGHTIT 2.0 | Art. 092210-001
LIGHTIT 2.0 TOUR | Art. 092310-001

The Art. is located on the underside of the carrier platform!

Here you will find compatible tubus carriers.