A good deal? Definitely!

This is a good opportunity: Get the ECO – and get 100 % flexibility of a real racktime system carrier. Thanks to individually adjustable roundstays it fits to almost any bicycle, and thanks to the SNAPIT system you can use lots of racktime accessories. The integrated spring flap fixes everything without a SNAPIT adapter. 12 mm tubes ensure high stability – for any occasion.

  • Weight (incl. spring clamp):
    26": approx. 800 g | 28.2 oz
    28": approx. 820 g | 28.9 oz
  • Maximum load: 25 kg | 55 lbs.
  • Tube diameter: 12 mm | 0.5 in
  • Note: Please protect the carrier against abrasion at all contact points of bag fixings necessarily with our protection foil (Art. 79005) or our abrasion protection set (Art. 79006)

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