Shine Evo Light

“Light” comes easy

Our lightweight with narrow loading base. It has a capacity of 25 kg/55 lbs - just as its larger counterparts. Looks just as brilliantly with oval-shaped tubes and integrated high-tech light. As a matter of course it is approved by the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO).

The entire electronics are sheltered in a housing, and all cables run internally: even rough conditions will do no harm to the light. Everything is exchangeable. Quick and simple it is easily mounted to the frame - just as the rack - thanks to innovative mounting clamps.

Caution: not compatible with Boxit or Heavy Duty Snapit Adapter.

  • Weight: approx. 700 g
  • Maximum load: 25 kg / 55 lbs.
  • Tube diameter: 12 mm / 0.47 in.
  • Spring clamp: 70000-02-12 stainless steel + 70000-01-12 black
  • Note: Please protect the carrier against abrasion at all contact points of bag fixings necessarily with our protection foil (Art. 79005) or our abrasion protection set (Art. 79006)

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