Clampit can be mounted within seconds to any racktime carrier — except Clipit — no tools required.  Of course, you can still use your Snapit adapter.

New! And even stronger!
Our spring clamps are now even stronger: All current models of Clampit are now secured with an additional screw. All older versions can be upgraded.
Exception: spring clamps for special models.

Investigation of matching spring clamps.
Measure the tube diameter of your platform and the inside dimensions as described in the picture. With these dimensions you will find the suitable spring clamp.

a: platform inner width
Ø: tube diameter

a: 100 mm, Ø: 12 mm
(for e.g. Shine Evo Standard + Tour, I-Valo, I-Valo Tour Deluxe, I-Valo Deluxe, I-Valo Tour)

  • Art. 10000-01-12  black, weight: 110 g | 3.88 oz

a: 100 mm, Ø 10 mm
(for e.g. all Shine models, Standit, Addit, Tourit, Foldit and Topit)

  • Art. 10000-01-10  black, weight: 110 g | 3.88 oz
  • Art. 10000-02-10  stainless steel, weight: 110 g | 3.88 oz

a: 70 mm, Ø: 12 mm
(for e.g. Shine Evo Light, I-Valo Light)

  • Art. 70000-01-12  black, weight: 110 g | 3.88 oz
  • Art. 70000-02-12  stainless steel, weight: 113 g | 3.98 oz

a: 70 mm, Ø: 10 mm
(for e.g. Lightit)

  • Art. 70000-01-10  black, weight: 99 g | 3.5 oz
  • Art. 70000-02-10  stainless steel, weight: 103 g | 3.6 oz