We proudly present: The Woodpacker. Using a wooden box for transport by bicycle is stylish – the solid wood of the Woodpacker can also be customized individually to suit your preferences. It only takes a few steps, which we would like to present to you as an example.


No matter whether with stickers, brandings, stamps or paint spray - nothing is impossible! In this case, we upgrade our Woodpacker with a spray print.

With this type of treatment, it is important that the carton is not too thin. Otherwise there is a risk that the pattern will be ruined afterwards. In addition, the paint should be suitable for wood and should dry quickly.

We have prepared our design by making sure that all contours of the pattern stand out clearly. On the Internet you can find a variety of spray templates, but of course you can also create your own designs or completely do without using a draft.

Take a shot for yourself and create your very own, individualized Woodpacker-style.

Some more inspiration: