Our carriers turn your bicycle into the ideal daily companion: countless possibilities and 10 years guarantee.

racktime’s principle:
Carry luggage. And responsibility.

We work hard at improving our reputation. Every day. The results show in award-winning products which are innovative, robust, made to last, comfortable and light weight. We want to be good at how we cooperate and treat each other, and we set high standards: our own.

Therefore, most of our production steps take place in Germany. Regarding our suppliers we put special emphasis on environmental issues and exemplary work safety.  Our social involvement includes employment of handicapped people, supporting a programme for resocializing prisoners, sponsoring the local art association (Westfälischer Kunstverein), and supporting social and environmental projects. The company grounds offer space for traditional fruit trees and wild flower species providing room for our own bee colonies. Our products‘ lives are not quite as pleasant: we torture them around the clock in our test laboratories.

Racktime System

The heart of our system: the Snapit adapter. Designed for quick changes, tested for a lifetime. Stable, secure, and geniously simple. Snapit connects your basket, bag etc. with your racktime carrier and can be mounted to anything, no matter what you want to transport on your bicycle.

Creative and systematic

Think it through, develop, design. Make it, test it, optimize it. Our creative team of a dozen of product developers at our German headquarters in Muenster are full of ideas and energy. Consequently we are not only the pioneers but also the main innovators in the bike industry constantly offering new path-breaking products.

Just as e.g. our latest collection of bags in racktime quality: Since design and product development are all happening in our company we can guarantee that each individual racktime system solution is well thought through and well made, just the way you are used to it.

Besides launching new products and continuously perfecting existing carriers and transport system solutions we are constantly working on developing innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly production methods: Of course we are equipped with top modern high tech machines and apparatuses in order to be ahead of time.

Regarding carriers and transport systems we are the true experts. Luckily, there are more specialists around us in other fields: Renowned partners who cooperate with us in developing solutions beyond our fields of expertise.

Down to the last detail: Our quality management

riding across bumpy cobblestone roads, sliding on snow, slush and road salt, exhaust fumes, gravel, strong sun, continuous rain. Your bike’s life is sometimes quite hard. That is what we know. Therefore all our carriers, bags, baskets accessories are designed for tough use in daily life. No matter what your plans are, racktime products will come along and will look good. Because they are sturdy, long-lived and easy to care for.

We manufacture all samples and prototypes in our company in order to ensure this without any restrictions. Our tests are quite tough: In our in-house test center we first check and test the material and then the finished product. Our test mechanics rattle and shake each racktime product in accordance with ISO 11243:2016 until it is ready for the market. And far beyond these requirements: ready for dirt road and cobblestone alleys.

We are not satisfied with fulfilling all DIN and ISO requirements but go far beyond these standards and simulate the actual stresses of a long bicycle life - of course fully loaded. Products bearing the name racktime must withstand a decent proportion of oscillating and vibrating with a smile.

Lateral test

Just as in reality: Back and forth. If it bends it’s not a racktime carrier.
1 Hz
100.000 cycles
28 hours

Vertical test

Potholes, dirt roads, cobblestone, our test carriers know all of them and a lot worse - from our test laboratory.
7 Hz
100.000 cycles
4 hours

Vertical stress test

What load can my racktime carrier take without any problem in serious terrain? We will find out for you.
Static stress with 3 times the nominal stress

Lateral tensile load

Our carriers must withstand quite some tension without influencing the riding stability.
Static lateral load (force of nominal load)


We love sun, but for some materials it is detrimental and accelerates aging and fading. However, our surfaces have no problem with sun rays. So let the sun shine!
Material stability and colour fastness

Salt spray test

Aggressive salts and chemicals will attack surfaces- as you know with cars, especially when road salt is used in the winter time. Therefore we put high emphasis on high resistance.
Resistance to acids/ chemicals

A compatible system – worldwide

More than 160 renowned bicycle manufacturers worldwide rely on our custom-made system carriers, and more than a million standard racktime carriers are installed every year. And the number is still increasing, because we know the markets, the bicycles, the requirements. We know what it means when it comes to transporting baggage on your bicycle, no matter whether you cycle in the city or on tracks around the globe.

We also offer racktime quality for E-bikers: we designed racktime compatible carriers for all different kinds of batteries of all renowned manufacturers. Independent of the drive system our drive is: creating the best solution together with the bicycle manufacturer and with specialized cooperation partners. This is what makes custom-made racktime carriers so unique.


racktime is a brand of tubus carrier systems GmbH, the worldwide leading company for designing and producing high-quality carrier systems for transporting stuff on your bicycle. For more than 25 years tubus has built handmade bicycle carriers from special high strength steel tube with complex surface coating.

Today almost all quality travel and touring bicycles feature a tubus carrier, all renowned bicycle manufacturers equip their top bikes with a carrier system from Muenster, Westphalia. There is a good reason: Our carriers combine fastidious optics with 100% reliability, highest capacities and low weight. We invent new solutions for making the transport of baggage on your bicycle easier, your trip safe and comfortable.

Learn more about tubus, our transport solutions and our unique package of 30 years guarantee and 3 years mobile guarantee: We are looking forward to your visit on our website.