Childseat Snapit Adapter discontinued

Finally, our racktime child seat adapter is completed - after almost four years developing and designing.

We required such a long period of time in order to adapt our system to the various bicycle child seats offered in the market and to run the necessary tests. However, shortly before we are able to supply our child seat adapter, we have taken the decision to terminate both the production and supply of this product.

Our decision is based upon the following reasons:

1. The legal situation in Europe is as follows: not all European countries allow mounting a child seat onto a bicycle carrier. This results in a full scope of liability for damage to life and limb in the respective countries forbidding such use.

This jurisdiction applies above all in Austria, one of the countries with growing sales of bicycles and bicycle accessories. In this context it is important to consider that it is not relevant how the bicycle with a carrier suitable for mounting a child seat got into Austria - directly or indirectly.

Both the manufacturer of the bicycle and of the carrier/adapter will be liable for all damages caused by the use of a child seat. Please see the following link for information on the legal situation in Austria.

2. Only one manufacturer of child seats actively cooperated with us, a fact based on the obviously problematic legal risk zone of child seat and child seat adapter.
All other manufacturers of child seats wish for a solution compatible with racktime for their products, however, they take no active initiative in adapting their products.

3. Our customers who are bicycle manufacturers demand more and more reduced minimalistic solutions for mounting carriers to the bicycle. We pushed this trend by offering and marketing innovative and proven solutions for integrating mud guards (IMM Integrated Mudguard Mounting) and RTA (racktime dropout integration).

In particular mounting the carrier below or by means of the mudguard sets limits to the load capacity of a rear carrier. 25 kg are below the admissible limits regarding load, the same applies to a child seat including a child. However, once a fully packed shopping bag is additionally fixed to the seat, a not uncommon picture, the result is a very critical load case that is hard to calculate.

Our lawyers checked the risks and came to the result that the introduction of a carrier mounted child seat adapter would cause extremely high product liability risks both for us and our customers producing bicycles. Our product liability insurance policy only protects us if there are no legal prohibitions for use of a product.

Therefore we hope that our customers understand our decision against a product launch of the child seat adapter. We are sure that this is the right decision in terms of safety and our responsibility in the bicycle industry.