Is it allowed to fix a child seat on a racktime carrier?
No. Please do not attach a child seat to your racktime carrier. Our carriers are extremely resistant to bending and other stresses that occur during travel. However, if attachments such as child seats are attached with crimp clamps, the carrier can break. This is because racktime carriers are made from thin-walled tube. Damage of this kind is not covered by the guarantee.

Please note the following: A child seat that is attached to one of our carriers by means of crimp connectors and the carrying of a person on a carrier in this way invalidates your guarantee coverage and, more importantly, poses a danger to the life and limb of the child or person using it!

Is there a childseat adapter for the racktime Snapit system?
No. Read more.

I want to buy a racktime basket or bag for my racktime carrier. Do I have to purchase the Snapit adapter separately?
No. All racktime baskets and bags designed for transport on the top loading area of the carrier are supplied with a pre-installed Snapit adapter, ready to use on any racktime carrier. No further accessories required! No tools needed!

racktime bags designed for mounting on the sides of the carrier feature a premounted lockable mounting system. racktime bags are compatible with other brands of carriers.

Can I use the Snapit adapter also on other non-racktime carriers?
No, the Snapit adapter is only compatible with racktime carriers as it requires the exactly predrilled profiles of our carrier in order to fit securely. The comfort of the Snapit system only works in combination with a racktime carrier.

Is the Snapit adapter also available separately?
Yes, the Snapit adapter is available individually, and can be fixed under almost any container allowing you to use your individual box on your racktime carrier.

I want to use the spring clamp Clampit and a bag/basket at the same time. Is it possible to use both?
Yes, the design of the Snapit system allows using a basket or bag on the carrier with a mounted spring clamp.

Is it possible to mount the basket Baskit on top and at the same time panniers on the sides?
Most panniers on the market feature a hook system which is mounted to the top tube of the rack thus colliding with the Snapit adapter of a basket.
We offer carriers featuring a second lower tube allowing to mount panniers at a lower level. This has several advantages: lower center of gravity resulting in more riding comfort – and you can use both, panniers and a basket together.

Where can I find dimensions such as the installation height and width of a carrier?
Here on our Website: For each carrier, click the technical drawing for answers to this question.

What do I have to consider when assembling a racktime carrier onto my bike, if the distance of the carrier feet does not exactly correspond to the distance of my frame’s dropouts?
All products listed on our website come with assembly instructions showing the minimum and maximum assembly width of the carrier feet.  Please make sure to mount your carrier not under tension and to avoid permanent deformation of the product in order to ensure stability, uniform load distribution and lifetime of your racktime carrier.